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The Georgian
The Menu Atlanta

THE GEORGIAN MAGAZINE is a brand new publication, sharing a way of life, home, and business in Georgia. This magazine is a platform to be discovered and made a favorite, through articles, beautiful imagery, and purposeful content. We hope to be a guide to newcomers and a loved resource for locals. Coming to you this summer, available here as well on print and on any mobile device. Contact us about our introductory rates. Media kits can be requested here.

THE MENU MAGAZINE is a delectable combination of words from chefs, irresistible finds, revolutionary recipes, and places to eat in Georgia that are A Cut Above. Coming to you this fall, the Atlanta and surrounding areas Edition! Whether you’re searching to find the perfect place for drinks and dinner with friends, a food truck location, or just need a bite during your work week, The Menu Magazine can help you decide! We can connect you with the must-eats in Northern Georgia. Media kits can be requested here.

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HELLO BOSS MAGAZINE is a rising publication created as an extension to the Hello Boss site, to empower and give women the opportunity to take charge of their lives, businesses, dreams, and ideas. Through resources, tools, experiences, and combined skills, we want you to have all that you need to focus on what you really want to do, and make it happen! Hello Boss is a women's business coaching and empowering community. An online platform, passionate about the boss lady mindset, and the art of balancing it all. Media kits can be requested here.

SUNDAY BEST MAGAZINE has seen how words and music can impact people. They can encourage them or steer them in the wrong direction. Through Sunday Best magazine and radio’s uplifting, encouraging music and messages, we want to make a difference in this world. Our hearts are to use these media platforms as a way to do what we were instructed to do, be His messengers and representatives. As the songs play, and the pages of the magazine speak life, we pray to motivate those that need to be reminded of the power of words and prayer. Media kits can be requested here.

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